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Tips for Hiring the Right Mold Remediation Company in Calgary


When the conditions are right, mold can grow and spread at a rapid pace inside your home or business. Because mold exposure often triggers a variety of health problems, such as throat irritation, frequent coughing, nasal congestion, trouble breathing, skin rashes, and eye irritation, proper mold removal in Calgary is a must. If you've discovered mold on your property, here are some tips to help you hire a professional and reliable mold remediation company in Calgary.

1. Experience and Certification are Crucial 

If you want mold remediation in Calgary done right, then look for a company with plenty of years of experience offering those services in the area. You should also ask to see relevant certifications so that you can be sure all mold removal protocols will be followed.

2. Ask If They Offer Both Pre and Post Air Quality Testing

A certified mold removal professional will likely perform an air quality test before they begin work unless the mold problem is plainly visible. They will also perform an air quality test after they have finished working in order to confirm that the mold has been properly remediated.

3. Take a Look at Online Reviews

Nowadays, one of the easiest ways to see if a company provides quality services is to take a look at online reviews. If a company has a good amount of detailed positive reviews from satisfied customers, then you should certainly pick up the phone and give them a call.

4. Note How Much (Or How Little) They Ask About Your Problem

When you call a company providing mold removal in Calgary, their representative should seek to get a good idea of your problem over the phone. They should ask questions such as when the problem started, how long it has been going on, and where the mold is located.

5. Make Sure You Get a Detailed Quote and Scope of Work

If the phone call went well and you booked an assessment, the company should be able to provide you with a full quote and scope for the remediation after the assessment is complete. Look for specific details about how the mold is to be contained and removed.

6. Ask About the Cleaning Products and Methods They Will Use

If the scope of work does not mention the cleaning products and methods to be used, then make sure you ask about them. Certified mold removal experts in Calgary will ideally be using non-toxic and eco-friendly products that won't pose a danger to the health of your family, your pets, or your employees.

Professional Mold Remediation Services in Calgary

If you're in need of mold removal in Calgary, then look no further than Clean Air Services. Since 1996, our mold removal professionals have been providing quick and effective mold remediation services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout the Calgary area. We follow all of the latest safety standards and use only the most advanced tools and techniques. Once we understand the problem, we'll provide you with a full quote and a detailed mold removal plan.

Don't let mold become a health hazard on your property. For expert mold removal in Calgary, contact Clean Air Services today.


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