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Trusted Asbestos Removal Services in Calgary and Lethbridge

If your property was constructed before 1986, there is a possibility you could have some asbestos fibres hidden within some of the construction materials. Identified as a secret killer, you must have asbestos materials professionally removed before it has the opportunity to severely damage your health and those around you if disturbed. For over 20 years, Clean Air Services has safely completed asbestos removal from buildings in Calgary, Lethbridge and throughout Alberta. When breathed in, asbestos can cause many health issues, but was widely used in buildings constructed in decades past. Asbestos poses a serious threat to the public today. The Clean Air Services team is committed to ensuring the health and safety of the Alberta community by offering adequate and safety-minded asbestos and hazardous materials inspection and removal. If you are looking for exceptional asbestos removal in Calgary , Lethbridge and the surrounding areas, we are here for you..


What We Offer

As a COR member at Clean Air Services, we create a customized method statement detailing the site-specific procedures and logistics of every project. Our safety supervisor randomly carries out site audits to ensure industry standards are always met. Having offered asbestos removal in Lethbridge and other cities in Alberta since 1996, we are today a leader in this industry in Alberta.


Brief History of Asbestos

For years, asbestos was used in many products because of its flame resistant and durable qualities. However, by the late 1970s documented studies began to show the harmful effects caused from breathing in asbestos fibres by studying workers who were in contact with it on a daily basis. It was at this time that asbestos manufacturing began to decline before coming to a stop altogether.


Is Asbestos a Hazard?

When disturbed, asbestos releases hundreds of tiny fibres into the air, which can be easily breathed in by anyone in the immediate area. Once inhaled, these fibres are carried to the lower regions of the lungs where they become lodged, causing multiple health problems, including:

  • Fibrotic lung disease 
  • Changes to the lining of the chest cavity
  • Reduced respiratory function
  • Lung cancer
  • Mesothelioma
  • Death
  • Enlarged heart 

Though any kind of exposure to asbestos can cause serious health effects, the outlook is worse for those who have been exposed to high concentrations, or for a longer period of time, or frequently. This includes those who have worked with the material in the past. If you believe your home may contain materials with asbestos, our team will complete safe asbestos removal in Calgary to rid you space of any harmful substances. Get in contact with us today in Calgary and Lethbridge to protect your family.


The Abatement Process

After drafting a method statement for your home or business’s abatement program, the Clean Air Services team conducts a full investigation of your site to locate all visible and accessible building materials that could potentially contain asbestos. There are many different types of asbestos , so samples of suspicious materials will be shipped to and analysed by an accredited laboratory. An asbestos survey report will be compiled which details the sample results and locations of all known asbestos-containing materials, risk assessments and recommended action to be taken. This report will be kept on-site to be tracked and updated regularly to serve as a step-by-step guide and reference for asbestos presence in a building.


If you are looking at having asbestos removal in Calgary and Lethbridge , you should also take a look at our asbestos testing services too to get a better understanding of the risks you are facing.


Asbestos Removal & Encapsulation in Calgary and Lethbridge

Clean Air Services specializes in the removal/encapsulation of asbestos. We act according to the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety regulations and the Alberta Asbestos Abatement Manual . If you find asbestos in your home, don’t panic! The best thing to do is to not disturb the material by trying to remove it yourself. Generally, asbestos material in good condition will not release fibres. There is no danger unless fibres become airborne.


Check the material regularly and know where asbestos could be found . Look for signs of wear and damage, such as tears, abrasions, and water damage. If an object containing asbestos is damaged, repair or removal by a professional may be required. Contact Clean Air Services today to schedule a professional evaluation of your home or business.


Our Promise of Quality

At Clean Air Services, we successfully began offering asbestos removal in Calgary and Lethbridge in 1996. Over the years, we have saved so many homes from harmful asbestos and helped thousands of people breathe cleaner and healthier air. Your health is our primary concern, as is reflected in our aim - ‘Making Alberta Safer, Healthier and More Knowledgeable’. We are not only committed to freeing your air from asbestos but also to help you learn and understand whatever there is to know about asbestos. After all, isn’t understanding the problem half the solution to the issue? Get in touch with us today to know more about subjects such as types of asbestos , where to find asbestos , or even to have asbestos testing done at your premises. Whatever your need, our team of super-caring professionals is here for you.

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