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Certified Asbestos Testing in Lethbridge

Asbestos is a harmful fibrous mineral which is a health hazard. It can be found in various places of your building such as flooring and walls. The government has laid down strict regulations on the use of asbestos. Therefore, it is important to conduct asbestos testing on your building and plan appropriate remedial measures. But, it is hard to spot asbestos presence in your building without the help of experts. At Clean Air Services, we provide asbestos testing services in Lethbridge to help prevent potential risks and hazards. We specialize in providing hazardous asbestos removal and abatement services. Our team helps you with hazardous material identification, risks assessment and encapsulation services.

Benefits of Professional Asbestos Testing

Asbestos exposure can cause serious health problems such as asbestosis and lung cancer. If you find asbestos in your building, call our team for help and get it removed immediately. Hiring professionals for asbestos testing can be helpful in:


  • Removing and disposing of asbestos

  • Reducing health risks

  • Eliminating further asbestos exposure


Why Choose Us?

Clean Air Services is your trusted source of asbestos and mold removal services. We are committed to following health and safety regulations; and work according to the Alberta Asbestos Abatement Manual. Our skilled team and environmental consultants check the air quality and document the potential risks of asbestos. We have the right tool and equipment to help you get rid of hazardous materials. Count on our two decades of experience in providing efficient and quality services for our clients.

Contact us today for asbestos testing in Lethbridge.


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Hours: Monday-Friday: 07:30AM– 04:00PM

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