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Mold Precautions for Homes & Businesses in Alberta

Many home and business owners think they can treat and remove mold from their property, but only professional mold remediation experts should attempt to combat mold. A home or business owner should not:

• Clean mold

Proper care must be taken to protect the cleaners, building occupants and to minimize the migration of mold spores from the affected surface areas to other areas of your home or business.

• Disturb mold growth

Visible mold should not be disturbed. If areas of mold growth are disturbed, mold spores may become airborne and enter the breathable air. Inhalation of mold spores by building occupants could result in a variety of adverse health effects.

• Use biocides

Clean Air Services does not advocate the use of biocides in homes or buildings. Biocides kill the viability of mold spores, but they do not remove the toxic properties of mold.

• Dry moldy areas

It is not always advisable to dry mold infected buildings. By drying out mold, you are removing part of its sustainability and food source. If this is done too quickly prior to removal of the mold infected materials, mold spores could become airborne, one of mold’s most effective survival mechanisms.

Clean Air Services offers laboratory testing of materials to determine the amount of mold present in buildings throughout Alberta. Contact us now to learn more!


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