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Mold Remediation in Calgary

Mold is not a pretty sight for your home or your health. While it’s impossible to get rid of all the spores in your home that can cause mold, you can and should remove any visible spots of mold that you can see. If it’s not removed in time, that black spot on your wall can grow in size and become a major hazard to your health as you breathe it in and to your home as it damages your house’s structure.

Clean Air Services offers mold removal and mold remediation in Lethbridge to make sure your health and home are completely free from the hazardous effects of mold. 

We know that mold removal on its own is not good enough. Mold grows and develops in moist environments, so even with the visible mold gone, you still need to get rid of the moisture source that is causing mold growth. Our mold remediation service can help you do this. We also offer lead removal and PCB remediation.

What Mold Remediation Does

To remove the source of your mold, you first need to find it. During a typical mold remediation process, the mold remediation professional will work with you to determine where your home has excessive dampness. 

Once they discover the source of excess moisture, they will likely find new forms of mold developing nearby. The most common areas for excess moisture include the following:

  • Drywalls
  • Gutters
  • Roofs
  • Unvented combustion appliances

To determine the exact location of the mold, they will perform an air quality test. The professional will then assess your mold-affected area’s size and look for any hidden mold. Then, they will isolate that area to prevent the remaining mold spores from contaminating the rest of your home.

During this process, the professional may help you remove the following items to make sure no contamination remains:

  • contaminated materials
  • dust
  • mold-damaged materials
  • wet materials

Before completing the mold remediation process, they should clean the mold-affected areas with non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products and perform another air quality test to be certain that your mold has been remediated completely.

The Dangers of Doing Mold Remediation Yourself

While hiring a mold remediation professional sounds great, you might feel like you can take care of your mold problem on your own. But doing mold remediation on your own can be dangerous for you and your home. While attempting to rid your home of mold, you may end up disrupting mold spores, which can make them airborne and circulate within your home. Once that happens, you could end up experiencing health hazards as you inhale them up close and the mold could spread throughout your entire home. But you can avoid this deadly scenario by hiring a professional who is highly-trained to remediate mold and its spread without disrupting mold spores.

How to Make Sure You Get Professional Mold Remediation

Have you noticed mold growing in your home? Contact Clean Air Services to get it remediated professionally and properly. We have years of experience dealing with mold remediation in Lethbridge. We know the right way to apply mold removal protocols and the latest tools and techniques in mold remediation. For further questions, fill out our form and we will get in touch with you.


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