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Your Trusted Company to Treat Hazardous Material in Calgary and Lethbridge

Hazardous materials such as mold, asbestos and lead can be dangerous when released into the air. Getting it under control is essential to maintain the well-being of your family or employees. Clean Air Services Inc. is a trusted name for the removal of hazardous material in Lethbridge, Calgary and Alberta. Our highly trained crew follows the latest safety standards to ensure your family or employees live and work in the safest environment possible.


We identify asbestos, mold, mercury, lead and materials that could contain Hantavirus. With the help of special equipment, high-quality gear and protective clothing, we can completely eradicate the identified hazardous materials from your property. You put an industry-leading team on your side for quick, efficient and safe service by choosing us.

Hazardous Material Removal for Renovations and Pre-Demolition Buildings

Before you begin demolishing, renovating or doing anything that may disturb hazardous material and introduce their contaminants into your home or business,  call the Clean Air Services team for professional removal services. Asbestos and mold inspection is an essential aspect of any residential, commercial or industrial renovation project, so choose the province’s leaders for the job!


 Benefits of Hazardous Materials Removal

Inspecting your home or business for hazardous materials ensures your safety. Some other benefits include:

  • Attracts capable contractors
    A mishap due to hazardous materials can affect your project and result in losing your contractors.
  • Completes the job fast
    Checking your site for hazardous materials will help you get your job done on time and there would be no risk of dangerous materials.
  • Offers protection against legal claims
    To avoid environmental, health and safety violations, it is better to get your site inspected for hazardous materials.


Professional Hazardous Material Removal Services in Calgary

The removal of hazardous material in Calgary and Lethbridge includes identifying potential hazards, disposing of substances and materials, and repairing the damage. Asbestos and mold are generally not noticeable just by looking at a surface. That’s why an expert must be consulted when eliminating hazardous materials from buildings. Clean Air Services has the team you require to eliminate hazardous material in Lethbridge and Calgary. Our removal services can determine if materials like asbestos and mold exist within your property. Such testing for materials at the initial stages of your renovation or demolition project can save you time, money, and headaches. We handle everything, including: ​

  • Sealing off the work areas
  • Breaking down building materials safely
  • Disposing of old, harmful building materials
  • Rebuilding work areas with new building materials

Useful Resources

Learn more about the contaminants that may be residing in your home or business by browsing our links page . Remember that our team is standing by to ensure you receive prompt hazardous material removal service in Lethbridge.


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