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Clean Air Services: Proudly Serving Alberta since 1996

For nearly 20 years, residential, commercial and industrial clients in Calgary, Lethbridge and throughout Alberta have trusted Clean Air Services for safe hazardous material removal. Our highly trained crew follows the latest safety standards to ensure your family or employees are living and working in the safest environment possible. We identify and remove asbestos, mould, mercury, lead and materials that could contain Hantavirus. By choosing Clean Air Services, you put an industry-leading team on your side for quick, efficient and safe service.

Inspections for Renovations & Pre-Demolition Buildings
Before you begin demolishing, renovating or doing anything that may disturb hazardous material and introduce their contaminants into your home or business, call the Clean Air Services team for professional inspection services. A hazardous material inspection is an important aspect of any residential, commercial or industrial renovation project, so choose the province’s leaders for the job!

Helpful Resources
Clean Air Services aims to make Alberta a safer, more healthful and more knowledgeable community. Learn more about the contaminants that may be residing in your home or business by browsing our links page. Remember that the Clean Air Services team is standing by to ensure you receive prompt and professional service throughout Alberta.