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Preventive Measures to Eliminate Asbestos


Asbestos, due to its fire resistance and durable qualities, was used in insulation and flooring tiles until 1970s. Since then, the harmful health effects of using the mineral have surfaced, leading to it being widely outlawed. When damaged, asbestos releases tiny fibres that are easy to breathe in, causing lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma. While renovating or working in an old building, it’s advisable to hire a trained crew for asbestos inspection and abatement. Clean Air Services Inc. provides asbestos removal services in Calgary, Lethbridge and Alberta. We also have been providing mould remediation, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) remediation and lead removal since 1996.

Measures to eliminate asbestos are:

1. Asbestos Inventory

Check for asbestos before renovating any building constructed before 1970. Make inventory of all the locations that might contain asbestos. It is difficult to find out the presence of asbestos by mere inspection. It has to be confirmed through an examination by an accredited laboratory. Some of the common places where asbestos can be found are:

  • Steam pipes, boilers and furnace ducts

  • Floor tiles (vinyl tiles) or flooring adhesive

  • Insulation around electrical wires, furnaces and wood-burning stoves

  • Soundproofing ceilings

  • Cement roofing, shingles and siding

  • Automobile brake pads and linings

  • Doors and gasket covers

  • Artificial fireplace

Hire professionals to carry out the full investigation of your site or building to locate materials containing asbestos. The investigation will reveal the presence of asbestos in your building.

2. Asbestos Control and Prevention

Asbestos fibres are not harmful if they are properly handled. Due to damage and improper disposal, the fibres might spread in the environment causing harmful effects. Some tips to prevent exposure of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) are:

  • Avoid removing asbestos material yourself

  • Don’t scrap tiles containing asbestos

  • Don’t cut, tear, sand, drill or saw insulation that might contain asbestos

  • Avoid using brooms and dust cloths for cleaning asbestos debris. Use wet rag or mop instead

  • Don’t touch or scatter ACMs

  • Don’t paint over the insulation to cover asbestos product yourself

  • Post warning signs for possible asbestos exposure ris

To reduce asbestos exposure, there are steps to follow for proper abatement procedures. Safe asbestos abatement involves usage of equipment such as vacuum cleaner fitted with a HEPA filter, hand pump garden sprayer and hand-powered tools.

3. Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos disposal should be done by a professional team to ensure safety. Here are some precautions to ensure harmful fibres are not released into the air:

  • Isolate your site or building to limit asbestos exposure

  • Avoid dry removal of ACMs

  • Polyethylene drop sheets with a minimum of six-millimetre thickness should be used to prevent the spread of asbestos to other work areas

  • Use protective clothing and eyewear in contaminated areas

  • Removal of ACMs in labelled asbestos disposal bags with six-millimetre thickness

  • After removal, your site or building should be thoroughly decontaminated

Clean Air Services Inc. provides asbestos and mould removal services for residential, commercial and industrial clients. Contact us today for asbestos removal and encapsulation in Calgary and Lethbridge.


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